The Weekend Sun Column - 23rd September 2016

JOHN ROBSON on Tauranga City Council...

It is unusual, when ‘competing’ for a‘job’, you get to see what the other‘candidates’ are saying. 

But it is illuminating. 

There seem to be three types of promisebeing made.

The first is an abstract set of adverbsand adjectives that on first hearing orreading are appealing, but on reflectioncreate more questions than answers. 

What does ‘exceptional’ or ‘paradise’actually mean? 

The second type of promise is moreconcrete – literally. 

It involves infrastructure – and includesmuseums, water treatment plants,monorails, piers, stadiums, and, ofcourse, roads. 

The third type of promise relates toservices such as libraries, buses orevents. 

Interestingly, almost all these promiseshave something in common. 

They are not SMART. 

SMART is a management acronym firstused around 1981. 

It suggests goals should be Specific,Measurable, Achievable (or Affordable),Relevant, and Time-Bound. 

Almost all of the promises you haveheard or read over the last month or sofail the SMART test on more than onemeasure – and some seem to fail onevery measure. 

Which leads me to question how muchthought has gone into these promises. 

Or are they simply part of the threeyearlyritual of empty promises that hasresulted in local government politiciansbeing among the least trusted of all‘professions’. 

My personal philosophy is never make apromise you can’t realistically keep. 

My promise with regards to rates risesover the period of the 2018-2028 fulfillsall the SMART criteria. 

So I’d like to think that when voting,you’ll think SMART as well as smart.

John Robson


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