The Weekend Sun Column - 22nd July 2016

JOHN ROBSON on Tauranga City Council...

Last week I promised to help votersmake a more informed choice in thecoming Council elections.

Which begs the question: what qualifiesme to make that promise? 

After all, to most of you that recognisemy name, I’m just another CityCouncillor. 

And many would agree with MasseyUniversity local government specialistAndy Asquith that your typical councillorwould “have trouble putting their shoeson the right feet in the morning”. 

Well, I’m not your typical Councillor. 

In 1988, with a Management degree,and five years of OE, I started my careerin management consultancy – whichCareers NZ describes as helpingorganisations “solve their problems,become more efficient, or develop andimplement strategy”. 

It goes on to describe the personalqualities of a management consultant as:
  • excellent communicator who canrelate to people at all levels
  • fast learner
  • analytical with problem solving skills
  • self-motivated and able to deal with afast-paced work environment
  • resilient and able to cope with stress
  • methodical, organised, good timemanager
  • able to work in a team, but also provideleadership and motivation. 

These qualities are similar to those thatLocal Government New Zealand say arerequired of the ideal Councillor. 

Now, there will be many claims ofpersonal qualities and successful careersduring the election campaign – and youshould be sceptical. After all, there is noindependent vetting of such claims. 

So it is fair to ask: was I actually any goodas a management consultant? 

Well by one measure at least: Havingworked on six continents with some ofthe world’s largest companies, I retired in2000 - aged 41. 

Next week – a successful managementconsultant’s view of Tauranga CityCouncil.

John Robson


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