The Weekend Sun Column - 19th August 2016

JOHN ROBSON on Tauranga City Council...

Toyota is the world’s most successfulcar company – and has been for years. 

One tool that Toyota uses is the‘Five Whys’. 

Simply put: To solve a problem properlyyou must ask why more than once –to get to the root cause – and ensurethat your solution prevents futurerecurrence. 

One problem facing the people ofTauranga is that every election they arepromised change, but nothing changes. 

Unfortunately, when asking themselveswhy – they stop after one iteration. 

Some stop with the answer thatpoliticians are either useless or corrupt(a favourite allegation of formerCouncillor Murray Guy). 

So they give up voting – because theproblem is not solvable. 

Others stop with the answer that staffare either useless or corrupt (anotherfavourite allegation of Mr Guy). 

So they give up voting – becausevoting doesn’t change the staff. 

Unsurprisingly, last election, themajority of voters didn’t vote. 

This week, I’d like to deal with the staffissue. 

In my professional opinion, the peopleworking at TCC are as good as thepeople working for any organisation,anywhere in the world. 

And, based on my experience, some aregenuinely world-class – indeed I havethe name of one ‘pencilled in’ as my firsthire should I ever feel I’d like to go backto work. 

As for voting not changing staff. 

That is not absolutely correct. 

Councillors are responsible forappointing one person - the ChiefExecutive - typically appointed on afive-year fixed-term contract. 

The people you elect this year willdetermine who the Chief Executive isfrom 2018.Something to bear in mind should youchoose to vote. 

Next week: The problem withpoliticians

John Robson


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