The Weekend Sun Column - 16th September 2016

JOHN ROBSON on Tauranga City Council...

Today, voter packs for Council electionsare being lodged with NZ Post, andthey should be delivered by Tuesday.

Voting closes October 8, so there is nohurry - there are no prizes for being first- indeed, I would suggest that to votein haste is to repent at leisure. 

Therefore, I would respectfully ask youto use the time you have to carefullyconsider your choices. 

And, in the spirit of honesty with whichthese ‘columns’ are written, I declare aninterest in asking you to take your time. 

In next week’s Weekend Sun, my‘application’ for a position on yourCouncil appears – I’d appreciate youreading it before you vote. 

As I said in my first ‘column’ on July 15,candidate profile statements in thevoter packs have not been vetted byanyone. 

And as pointed out in subsequentcolumns, some claims made by certaincandidates do not stand scrutiny. 

Indeed, more than one has, in thewords of SunLive, backed down whenthe ‘accuracy’ of their claims has beenchallenged. 

For the record, over the last twomonths, no-one has publiclychallenged the information I haveshared with you. 

For those of you attending publicmeetings, the same caveat applies. 

On Wednesday night in Matua, Iheard an impressive-sounding pitchfrom one candidate – implying anunrivalled level of corporate boardlevelexperience. - something I haveand value highly. 

Fortunately, I have access to theinternet – and two minutes on-line tolda very different story. 

For some the truth is a small price topay for the money and mana they willget from being elected. 

Take care when voting.

John Robson


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