The Weekend Sun Column - 12th August 2016

JOHN ROBSON on Tauranga City Council...

Management is setting objectives – andapplying resources to achieve them. 

Half the job of Council objective settingis done by Central Government via theLocal Government Act and other tools(e.g. National Policy Statements). 

So Council’s role might be described asprioritising objectives – then achievingthem effectively and efficiently. 

Mismanagement is getting prioritieswrong, not achieving objectives, orachieving them inefficiently – and,by this definition, there is evidence ofmismanagement by your Council. 

One unarguable objective for Councilis meeting the conditions of resourceconsents. 

Last week, I mentioned that Councildiscovered in 2015 that it “had beenin breach of a critical infrastructureresource consent for years”. 

It still is - the breach concerns Pond 1at the Te Maunga wastewatertreatment site. 

Addressing the breach will impact onCouncil budgets over the next fewyears. 

As is too often the case, Council doesnot have accurate numbers, but, toaddress the issue fully, estimates totalmore than $10,000,000. 

And you will pay. 

Still on mismanagement, your Council iscurrently ‘refreshing the Council brand’. 

It has employed a consultant, acreative agency, and internal resourceswho have done a “solid six months’work” - so far. 

I have not received an answer fromthe Chief Executive re total cost of thisproject to date – I estimate it is at least$100,000. 

As Council is struggling (some sayfailing) to meet its legal obligations todeliver building consents on time –allocating resources to a ‘brand refresh’is, in my opinion, mismanagement. 

I would add that, in my professionalopinion, the project is fundamentallyflawed - despite design work beingenthusiastically received by the oddCouncillor. 

Next week: Five whys.

John Robson


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