The Weekend Sun Column - 5th August 2016

JOHN ROBSON on Tauranga City Council...

Last week I promised to tell you what wasin Report DC186. 

Now, Council reports are not the mostexciting documents, so for those whowant a ‘one-line executive summary’ –DC186 confirmed that the Council hadbeen mismanaged for years and was in asorry state in 2013. 

For those who would like a bit moredetail, please read on. 

The report stated that “internalinfrastructure has not been maintainedadequately” – and, specifically, that “therehas been continued under investmentover a number of years in InformationCommunications Technology (ICT), thecivic campus buildings and professionaldevelopment of our staff”.

In my opinion, “under investment” meansthat when deciding where to spend yourmoney – TCC made poor decisions. 

According to the report, the impact ofthose poor decisions included:
  • “information risks”
  • “inefficient work practices”
  • “an unhealthy work environment”
  • “unforeseen costs”
  • and negative impacts on staff “moraleand capability”.

The above list is an indictment of theleadership of TCC prior to 2013 – whenTCC got a new Chief Executive andseven new Councillors. 

However, more concerning for mewas the report’s implicit suggestionthat, while the organisation was notin a fit state, its transport, water andwastewater infrastructure was wellmanaged. 

Now, as any Chief Executive shouldknow, if you have issues with systemsand staff, unless your organisation is‘lottery-win’ lucky – the chances ofmanaging anything “well” is zero. 

Something you are not aware of willbite you 

And within months of receiving DC186– TCC got bitten. 

It discovered that it had been in breachof a critical infrastructure resourceconsent for years. 

Next week: the cost of mismanagementat TCC

John Robson


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