2018 Tauranga By-Election

The following information was provided by John Robson for the 2018 Tauranga By-Election.

About me


I'm a 59 year old kiwi.  My partner Beth and I have been together 28 years, and we have two children, Carys (who has this year started university in Wellngton) and Tomos.

Beth and I were lucky enough to retire relatively young after successful careers in the public and private sectors respectively.  We 'landed' in Tauranga 15 years ago and call Tauranga home.

Prior to retiring, my BMS from Waikato University had provided entry to a rewarding career in management consulting based in the UK.

My clients included global organisations in sectors such as Accounting (KPMG), Finance (Barclays), Manufacturing (Toyota & General Motors) and Conglomerates (Tata).

My work included everything from global strategy to single product and project business cases.

My role was to solve problems that my clients couldn’t.

And my clients were results-driven.

They had no time for promises that weren’t backed up by results.

I think the people of Tauranga deserve no less.

Hence my offer of a money-back guarantee.


When we decided to build in Tauriko (in 2005), I spoke to architects and builders about the cost of building.

The conversations followed a pattern and went as follows:

Me:        How much to build a house?

Them:   Depends how big?

Me:        An average house – say 200m2?

Them:   About $1,500 per m2.

Me:        OK – how about 300m2?

Them:   About $2,000 per m2.

Me:        What about 400m2?

Them:   From $2,500 per m2

Me:        I’d like two 200m2 houses nailed together thanks.

We built a 400m2 home for $600,000 - $1,500 per m2.

Lessons for Tauranga

Bigger doesn’t have to be more expensive – there should be some economies in scale.

People fall into patterns of thinking that don’t make sense – like your current Council.

It often needs an outsider to see the obvious.


My 'bible' has only one commandment - treat others the way you want to be treated. I personally feel that those who life has been good to should give back. My passion is education - I think that the greatest threat to us all living well is ignorance, and its loyal ally, the closed mind. A good education opens minds and dispels ignorance.


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