2013 Tauranga Election

The following information provided by John Robson for the 2013 Tauranga Election.

Why Stand

"To make a positive difference"

I think the best explanation I can give is to tell you a true story.

I was walking through Soho, in London, with a friend, and we saw two guys ‘bashing’ a third guy, who was on the ground.

I ran across the road, pulled the assailants off, and they fled. The victim, who looked pretty shaken, got to his feet, looked at me, and then fled in the opposite direction.

My friend, who hadn’t moved, asked why I’d intervened. I said because what was happening was wrong. He then asked about the risk. I said I was confident I could handle the situation. Then he commented that the victim didn’t even say thank-you. I said that I didn’t do it for a thank-you – I did it because I could and it was the right thing to do.

He didn’t understand. We are no longer friends.

In this true metaphorical story, the assailants are your Councillors, Tauranga is the victim and I’m standing for the same reasons I intervened in Soho – because what I see happening is just wrong – and I’m confident I can make a positive difference.

And unlike other candidates – I offer a money back guarantee!


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