2013 Tauranga Election

The following information provided by John Robson for the 2013 Tauranga Election.


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In this section I will post my answers to any questions you might have - to ask me a question, e-mail john@clearthink.net or call me on 021 443703 or (07) 579 1427. To see the questions and answers, just scroll down this page.

Tell us about you

I'm 54 year old kiwi, my partner Beth and I have been together 23 years, and we have two children, Carys & Tomos. Beth and I were lucky enough to retire relatively young after successful careers in the public and private sectors respectively. We 'landed' in Tauranga 10 years ago and call Tauranga home.

What do you 'believe', what are your values?

My 'bible' has only one commandment - treat others the way you want to be treated. I personally feel that those who life has been good to should give back. My passion is education - I think that the greatest threat to us all living well is ignorance, and its loyal ally, the closed mind. A good education opens minds and dispels ignorance.

Money Back Guarantee

If I am elected, all salary for the next three years will be placed in a trust. Next election, if re-elected, the trust will pay me all the accumulated salary. If I am not re-elected - then the trust will pay a percentage of its funds to the city - depending on my share of the vote. For example, if I only get half the votes I need to get re-elected, then the trust will pay half its funds to the city. If no-one votes for me, the city gets everything!

How can I help you get elected?

Firstly, thank you. If you would really like to see me on Council, then use your networks - talk, text, tweet, e-mail your endorsement to everyone you know who is eligible to vote. Your endorsement is much more meaningful to voters than a 'pick me' sign, or a banner on a web-site.

Greerton Library

Public libraries are a core function of Councils. I support significantly improved library facilities in Greerton - and I support a budget of approximately $1.8 million (the amount of development contributions available for such a project) to upgrade/replace the current facilities. I support the disposal of adjacent properties bought by TCC for the purpose of playing developer and would use the proceeds to pay down debt. I support part of the savings in interest costs being reallocated to the Library OpEx budget to increase the opening hours of the Greerton library. Increasing opening hours is the most cost effective way of improving access.

Tsunami Sirens

I support the installation of a tsunami warning system as soon as possible. I believe that sirens will be part of any system - and there is nothing to stop the process of siren installation being started immediately.

Growth pays for Growth

I support the principle that growth pays for growth. Therefore I support the full recovery of development costs from developers. While the Mayor and a number of Councillors made the claim that Tauranga "had a policy that growth pays for growth", the truth is that the 'policy' was never properly implemented. The city has been subsidising developers for years and continues to do so. The poor management of development (and developers) is the single biggest source of TCC's debt. It needs to stop.


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