2013 Tauranga Election

The following information provided by John Robson for the 2013 Tauranga Election.


Core Qualities

For Tauranga to prosper, it requires that those who lead it have certain core qualities including.

Tauranga needs leaders who are capable of understanding, and successfully operating within, a complex financial and political environment.

Being a good guy (or ‘girl’) is not enough - real competence comes from a combination of intelligence, education and experience.

Competence means being able to meet Graham Mourie's test of making the right decisions.

If the right decision is not popular, leadership requires the courage to fight for it.

And if you make a wrong decision, then leadership requires the courage to admit you are wrong, apologise, and change your position.

Financial Literacy
While it might be seen as part of ‘competence’, I cannot stress enough how important it is that Councillors are financially literate – i.e. they understand money.

Because everything costs – be it a sports field, a museum, a sewage pipeline.

No matter how well-intentioned a Councillor may be, unless they understand money, the quality of their decision making will always be compromised.

This quality embodies independence, honesty, humility and transparency.

Independence means not being beholden to, or prejudiced by, any ‘interest ‘ - be it family or whanau, creed or culture, financial or philosophical, personal or political.

With regard to transparency, I am always wary of those who hide their identity or interests – campaigners should declare their identity – and candidates should declare their interests, and who is funding their campaign.


  • Tauranga City Council has assets of approximately $3.4 billion and had a turnover of approximately $190 million in the year ended June 30, 2013.
  • It employs over 500 people serving over 40,000 ratepayers.


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